Forever Lazy vs. Snuggie

You come here often?

 I don’t watch a lot of commercials these days.  Ever since I got my DVR earlier this year, I tend to record everything and then skip through the commercials. The other day I found myself watching a live TV show and saw a commercial for a product called Forever Lazy. The Forever Lazy is described as a one piece, lie around, lounge around, full body lazy wear. In reality, it’s a one piece, fleece pajama set for adults with no self-respect. It even comes with a hoodie and a “dropseat” so you don’t haveto take this monstrosity off when you need to drop a deuce. How convenient.

 I thought society had already hit rock bottom with the Snuggie but apparently we had further to fall. I’d like to believe no one would buy the Forever Lazy. Then I realized how many people I’ve met who tried to convince me the Snuggie is really comfortable.  As far as I can tell these products serve the same purpose but go about it slightly different ways. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing either, but I actually think the Forever Lazy has made me reconsider my position on the Snuggie.  Which do you think is worse?  

Up first, the Forever Lazy. Check out the freak playing the guitar at the :37 mark. Just like Hendrix 

Up next is the Snuggie. I hadn’t realized how many people struggled with blankets until I watched these commercials. 

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